Converting FLV videos to avi,mpeg,mp3,wav with ffmpeg

FLV – Flash Video – is very popular on the web for some time, especially on sites streaming audio or video like YouTube, Dailymotion. We’ll see how to convert flv file downloaded from one of these flv to mp3, mpeg or avi thanks to the excellent open source ffmpeg library.


First Install Package ffmpeg with below command

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

you install the program. Note that you must also install the codecs formats you want, like mp3 or avi.

If you need these codecs,  download and install them using the following commands:

tar-xjvf all-20061022.tar.bz2
sudo mkdir-p / usr / lib / codecs
sudo cp all-20061022 / * / usr / lib / codecs /

Ffmpeg is also available under Windows. You find your happiness on this page. Note, I never installed ffmpeg under win and therefore I can not say more about it.

Flv to avi

ffmpeg-title “Title” videofile.flv-i-ac 2-y videofile.avi

Flv to mpeg

ffmpeg-title “Title”-i-s 320×240-videofile.flv there videofile.mpeg

Flv to mp3

ffmpeg-title “Title”-i-acodec videofile.flv mp3-ac 2-vn-ab 128-y videofile.mp3

Flv to wav

ffmpeg-title “Title” videofile.flv-i-ac 2-y videofile.wav

These commands are a bit long and hard to remember, do not hesitate to use aliases.

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