Command yum

Yum :

Yum is an interactive ,rpm based,pakackage manager.It can automatically performs system updates.It also performs installation of new packages and removal of new packages.

Below are the yum manual

To list the yum options

$yum -h

To list the installed package that matches given string

$yum list httpd

To localate all packages that contain the string “httpd”

$yum search httpd

To install the package

$yum install (pakagename)

To remove the packagae

$yum remove (paclage name)

Description about the package

$yum info httpd

To view the package dependencies

$yum deplist httpd

To check installed package version

$yum check-update

To update outdated  packages

$yum update

To clean cache

$yum clean all

/home/sushanthreddy/.ssh/known_hosts updated.
Original contents retained as /home/sushanthreddy/.ssh/known_hosts.old
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